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My Photos

This is a picture of me decorating cookies for Santa.

Mom and Dad got me a moon for Christmas.  It is really cool because it shows the lunar cycles.

The Lundgren's gave us a fancy device to decorate eggs.  This is a picture of me using it.

Another picture of me decorating eggs.  I am trying to figure out why mom and dad are taking so many pictures.

Yet another picture of me decorating my egg.  Can you believe how much work goes into the process?

Finally my work of art is complete.  Isn't it cool?

Hmmm, why do they keep putting eggs above my head.  While I can reach this one, there were others I couldn't reach.

This is me looking GQ.


This site was last updated 05/12/07

Welcome to my webpage.  Here you will find stuff about me.  I am going to a new school this year.  I have moved from the Elementary School (K-2nd Grade) to the Upper Elementary (3rd-5th).  I am about to finish the 3rd grade.  I love my teacher this year.  My teacher loves science which is probably why I like her.  My grades are awesome if I do say so myself.  This year I have been playing soccer again.  My team is doing very well, and I am hoping to get a medal in our tournament.

This Page Belongs to Austen!!!

December 3, 1997
I like my mom and dad, Ava, my two brother, and my two dogs.  I like to eat Strawberry Shortcake, ice cream.  I like to read books and magazines.  I like school, especially science and the experiments we do, my teacher is nice too.  When I play outside I like to run, climb on the jungle gym, and play soccer.
I like to watch Tom and Jerry
I am currently reading Eldest, which is the book after Eragon.
I really enjoyed reading Eragon.
I love my mom, dad, sister and brothers. My brother, Tylor,  is my role model. He's really smart and very good at soccer. My best friend is Becker.  He's lots of fun. I also love my dogs, even if they aren't people. They are the cutest.
When I grow up I want to be a Vet.