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May has brought the end to my soccer season.  I am sad because our team finally started playing well together.  This season we beat our rival team for the first time since our Smithville team formed 3 years ago.  This season I started talking more and helping my teammates.  As a result I was made captain, which was really cool.  We had our year end soccer party at a place called Fun House Pizza.  It was very loud, and we were able to sing karaoke.  I learned that while karaoke can be fun it can also be painful.  There are a lot of people that think they can sing, but in reality it makes you cry.

I am currently in the 6th grade.  In Smithville, this means that I am in the Middle School.  Mom and dad keep saying that they can't believe they have a kid in middle school.  The best part of being in middle school is that you get to change classrooms every hour.  At lunch we no longer have to sit with our class, but rather can sit with any of our friends that have lunch at the same time.  For the most part, I am doing very well.  Occasionally I forget to hand in an assignment which can really hurt your grade, but I am learning from my mistakes.  This year in science, we had to make a model of a cell.  I chose to make an animal cell, and did it by using clay.

I hope this finds everybody doing good. 

I love you,







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My Photos


This is a picture of me creating the masterpiece mom found in some book.  It is a snowman cookie.

This is a picture of Austen and I getting ready to make mom's second creation; mice cookies.



This is a picture of me with my gift from mom and dad.  It is an iPod Shuffle.

This is a picture of me holding up my gift from Uncle Eddie and Aunt Marcy.



This is a picture of me with an egg I colored.  Don't I look excited.

Dad thought he was clever and hid one of my eggs behind a picture of Zach.



Once again, dad thought he was clever, but I am getting taller so I didn't have a problem getting this egg.

This is me looking handsome.


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